Our Candidate - Bill Capes

Bill Capes is the candidate for the People's Party of Canada in the federal riding of Essex.

Bill was born and raised in Windsor before moving to the county. He bought his first house in Harrow where he lived for 10 years and has lived in Belle River for the past 7 years, giving him insight into life on both sides of the county and issues facing many of the residents. Bill is a highly experienced multi-trade machining professional by trade and currently works as a machine leader at Southwest Manufacturing Inc.

Bill has never previously been involved in politics; however, when Maxime Bernier started the People’s Party, the platform of working for everyday Canadians instead of special interest groups resonated with Bill. He believes that the People's Party is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do politics differently and engage with those who have been disenchanted by years of backroom deals and disingenuous politicians who say one thing and do another.

As a typical, hardworking, and community focused Canadian, Bill Capes is the change we need in Essex!


“The PPC is a grassroots, community driven party and the only party truly advocating for
limited government, personal freedom, and individual responsibility.” – Bill Capes

“Maxime Bernier has given us the opportunity to alter the balance of power back into
the hands of Canadian citizens with a clean slate of MPs. I am going to stand
and be counted as one of those who care about our future.” - Bill Capes


Contact: Bill@essexppc.ca

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